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About Us

Twenty Twenty Partners set out to create an organization that combined the best of academia and business, important problems, rigorous processes, continuous learning, collegiality, individual accountability, and, perhaps most importantly, fun. Twenty Twenty Partners helps businesses of all sizes, types, and styles expand in their marketplace while reaching their full potential. Wherever you desire to go, we can help you achieve that goal. You will maximize value, performance, efficiency, and profitability with Twenty Twenty Partners.

Twenty Twenty Partners has a staff of knowledgeable entrepreneurs who are available to help guide you in your business decisions. Whether it is research, planning, training, financial, or consulting, you are in good hands at Twenty Twenty Partners. Isn't that why you are viewing this page?

Twenty Twenty Partners

Many Paths, Common Vision

From its beginning, Twenty Twenty Partners has intended to attract the best people and provide them with a culture in which they would thrive. Bridging the worlds of business and academia has fostered an environment as challenging as it is collegial, where ability is rewarded and individual growth encouraged. Our management engineers share a core set of interpersonal and intellectual principles that are evident in how we work with our clients and how we treat each other.

These values include a commitment to integrity and individual accountability, and the desire to apply rigorous processes to solve challenging and important problems. We hire and retain those who share our values and mission, thereby building the trust that obviates the need for many formal policies beyond those necessary to ensure the effective, efficient, and safe operation of business. We look to a decision-making framework that relies on our staff members to use their best judgment and to act in the best interests of Twenty Twenty Partners and our clients. Twenty Twenty Partners is distinguished by its focus on continued learning, ongoing inquiry, and having fun. This stimulating environment and our dedication to lifelong learning are two reasons that our staff attrition is well below the industry average. The same generous and collaborative spirit infuses the relationships we build with our clients, an important reason why repeat engagements have constituted more than 80 percent of our business. Twenty Twenty Partners offers a unique approach to strategic planning, consulting, outsourcing, alliance, and financial services.