Perfect Vision/Perfect Partners


Twenty Twenty Partners strategy is to provide unparalleled strategic vision and industry knowledge to our clients and partners. We believe that our deep industry knowledge truly separates us from other "generic" firms who are undifferentiated and simply "process-oriented". We, therefore, constantly strive to be the most knowledgeable advisor and investor in business and consumer products sectors.


Twenty Twenty Partners research team stays abreast of current industry developments while also supporting the creation of long term investment thesis in our target categories. Given the abundance of small to mid-size companies in our target sectors, we approach the industry with a two-tier mindset: we understand the value creation strategies of large companies, and we understand what is needed for small companies to break out and maximize their own value.


This approach to the marketplace requires a deep and up-to-date understanding of multiple industry dynamics, such as:


  • The "deal market", including why and how assets are acquired and divested.
  • Industry trends and market conditions, including consumer behavior, commodities markets, distribution networks, global trade, etc
  • How to successfully create brand equity in the highly competitive new consumer marketplace.


Through the ongoing process of consolidating industry data and company specific information, Twenty Twenty Partners research team can generate insightful and proprietary research that assists our clients and partners in critical decision making.







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